Posted by Jenn on October 19, 2014

41 / gal seeking a dude 18 - 46
Rating : 9.19
Born : 1969-06-23
Location : Gulf Breeze, Florida
About nudelady1: I loove a dude with a gigantic willie



Posted by Jenn on October 12, 2014

41 / vixen seeking a guy 35 - 50
Rating : 8.71
Born : 1970-01-09
Location : Albany, Georgia
About mzsexiee44dds: Finding new buds



Posted by Jenn on October 05, 2014

43 / girl seeking a girl 25 - 46
Rating : 6.73
Born : 1970-10-13
Location : San Diego, California
About fruitcakes33: we are a 36 y/o couple lookig for females and couples to talk with a nd maybe camera with.



Posted by Jenn on September 28, 2014

Naked MILF drops to all fours
Lily body Type : regular Hair Color: Brunette Likes: Fun sleepovers Dislikes: Going out with guys About Me: I do not come clean when it comes to my character. Even when I was still single I am known to be wacky and spontaneous. I do things without thinking it over and I do not make any plans too. Well, jus a few minutes ago I felt the urge to get tangled up with a hot stud. I guess my hubby will go berserk if he?ll find out about this. So please lets just keep this to ourselves. I am one motha I'd love to fuck who never runs out of energy in the sack and I have got a ton of assets that can keep ya busy whole day. There is no need to ask for more because I have everything ya need! Just come!

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Posted by Jenn on September 21, 2014

30 / doll seeking a man 21 - 45
Rating : 7.34
Born : 1982-02-25
Location : San Diego, California
About bellaallday: busy doll full of creativity and affection, seeking some occasional stimulation without ties. hypersexual and full of deep sensual desire...



Posted by Jenn on September 14, 2014

35 / gurl seeking a stud 19 - 36
Rating : 8.25
Born : 1976-07-13
Location : Tucson, Arizona
About tara76: Ok, so I am a laid back girlie, just go with the flow. I have travled a bit, done the Europe thing and would luv to go again. I work a nine to fiver job and live alone with my cat Andrew (yeah I think its a humans name LOL)



Posted by Jenn on September 07, 2014

41 / gurl seeking a dude 21 - 54
Rating : 9.16
Born : 1970-01-01
Location : Asheville, North Carolina
About ashevillecum2me: The tag line says it all, splooge harder into me. That is what I desire.I loove lovely chats.I am willing to connect with the right person/ persons and we go from there.



Posted by Jenn on August 31, 2014

42 / doll seeking a dude 18 - 42
Rating : 8.04
Born : 1968-02-16
Location : Dallas, Texas
About whiskeysour: I am a discreet maried doll seeking discreet males for some passionate meetings. Would prefer a regular fb but would settle for a few one timers as long as you are clean, use protection and can be mature and discreet about it



Posted by Jenn on August 24, 2014

Full figured wife fondles tits
wife presents her shoulder boulders to fiery hook up

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Posted by Jenn on August 17, 2014

MILF shows tits to new men
Hanna body Type : typical Hair Color: Brunette Likes: Tattoos Dislikes: Older studs About Me: I miss being single! I miss the party scene, hot dudes and binge drinking! I am such a wild doll but I lost everything when I got hitched. That is a major change and now I am having a hard time. I wanna go out, flirt with dudes younger than me and be with my mates. To out do that, I am not even getting the kind of sexx that I want. I enjoy rough sexx and I really like to stay in the bedroom for hours. I am only here for those things. I am sure somebody out there would like to hit a trooper like me. Come and see me now if ya want to make love by a skilled mother I'd like to fuck like me!

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Posted by Jenn on August 10, 2014

31 / lady seeking a dude 25 - 58
Rating : 8.99
Born : 1981-08-06
Location : Babylon, New York
About shelah: I am looking for "REAL studs", and even couples who like to have a excellent time. I am young, ultra charming, and very darring. I am always open- minded to new expriences. with an upgrade I will become more avalible to ALL of youu who are willing and ready......to jizz.....



Posted by Jenn on August 03, 2014

30 / hottie seeking a dude 18 - 51
Rating : 8.93
Born : 1981-01-30
Location : Fremont, California
About jerks4fun: I am sitting here, playing with my fleshy bagpipes... ya stand in front of me and inform me not to do anything more to them except for EXACTLY what ya say...once i'm begging ya, ya let me finger my coochie til i spunk...



Posted by Jenn on July 27, 2014

40 / gal seeking a man 28 - 57
Rating : 9.19
Born : 1970-06-21
Location : Honolulu, Hawaii
About moonlady: Horny and in need of a outstanding poundin



Posted by Jenn on July 20, 2014

43 / babe seeking a dude 18 - 41
Rating : 9.03
Born : 1969-01-14
Location : Tempe, Arizona
About billyoo: See something you like? I am recently divorced with no children. I have no ties and a tremendounsly luvin person. I llove to snog and cuddle. llove to dine out and dance. I like the outdoors also, such as swimming and hiking.



Posted by Jenn on July 13, 2014

31 / doll seeking a doll 18 - 35
Rating : 6.73
Born : 1983-02-09
Location : San Diego, California
About loveorlust15: would luve a babes's touch



Posted by Jenn on July 06, 2014

30 / babe seeking a guy 30 - 50
Rating : 9.37
Born : 1982-11-18
Location : Alpharetta, Georgia
About cockprincess: Well, the title says it all! lets play... new to this but luv beef. want first DP. luv having a beef smacked against my face. Contact me i'll send you sensual pics. Can't wait to make our fantasies spooge true. And squirts hard and heavy.



Posted by Jenn on June 29, 2014

38 / girl seeking a stud 18 - 27
Rating : 9.07
Born : 1973-01-01
Location : Ontario, California
About niraxxx: I'm getting kinda randy and could really use a mans touch. I rarely go out with ppl who are not already established in my life, so I am just out of options on how to get some this evening. Not looking for a quickie, I think I'd love some casual conversation. Build up the tension a bit before we go at it like rabbits



Posted by Jenn on June 22, 2014

42 / female seeking a stud 22 - 32
Rating : 7.77
Born : 1968-10-12
Location : Morristown, New Jersey
About cathy37: About me... My name is Cathy I've never been married, and I don't have any kids. I don't smoke, and I am 5'2''and also 120lbs and I have long brown hair and brown eyes also a outstanding smile. :0)



Posted by Jenn on June 15, 2014

41 / female seeking a guy 18 - 27
Rating : 7.78
Born : 1969-09-29
Location : San Diego, California
About sweetfukn69: I am dominant but loves to be taken. can youu do it?



Posted by Jenn on June 08, 2014

45 / female seeking a dude 33 - 38
Rating : 9.09
Born : 1966-08-07
Location : Prescott, Arizona
About stripes4pleasur: stripes4pleasur is 45 and is seeking a dude between 33 and 38 years old.